Your Trucker Cap – 3 Easy Ways To Accessorize

The trucker’s hat is a very unique accessory. It’s ability to mold for certain fashion ensembles is unusual. Some hats are quite soft and have almost no design elements. They can be solid colors or just have a simple logo while others have extensive graphics and customization.

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The trick is to find the one that best fits your personality and sense of style. Here are three simple ways a trucker’s hat can successfully complement your style.

1. A subtle extension of your style

The most common way to use your hat as a simple addition to your outfit is to wear a lounge. The lid shouldn't be in focus. It was intended as a continuation of style and color. Wearing a hat that only accentuates a logo or a very simple design will not attract much attention. The goal is only to finish your outfit.

2. As the top of your outfit

The best way to think of a trucker’s hat in this situation is a Christmas tree star. It acts like a "cherry on top" and adds incredible character to your style. When you wear a driver's hat this way, it almost has to have a bold design.

3. Make a personal statement

When making a statement with your trucker’s hat, hat design is not important as it relates to the style of your outfit. The hat is only used to boldly and beautifully say who you are and what you stand for. The possibilities are endless.

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