Why And How To Avoid Thumb Sucking?

Thumb Sucking habits can be seen in almost every child. It is a natural reflex action done by babies and toddlers. They do this because they feel comfortable and always do this for self-soothing. 

But continuous thumb sucking after the age of five or six can be dangerous for a kid. Parents always think about why to stop finger sucking and if it's dangerous then how to avoid finger licking habits in babies.

You need to stop this habit because this will change the alignment or order of other permanent teeth. And you may need to visit your child's dentist for evaluation and possible solutions. Your child may need braces or other treatments to correct the open bite.

Children often find out that thumb-sucking behavior is not acceptable when they are more adult because of the social situation and reactions, but there are steps that parents can take to prevent the behavior if it does not stop naturally.

This can help to create a reward system to track the progress of the child to stop the habit. For example, parents can map every day that children have to suck their thumb and reward stickers for each day. 

Another idea would be to cover the thumb or hand with something like bandages, socks, or gloves. 

No matter the method, it is important to be positive and supportive of your child! Criticism of the behavior or negative reactions to it can cause stress and fear that makes them maintain the thumb sucking behavior even more. 

The use of positive support should make the manner easier for the child's freedom and encourage them not to return to the habit.

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