What happens in the Rage Cage Game?

When you book a rage cage room you have to sign a waiver. After signing the waiver you will be provided with a suit and some personal protective equipment. After wearing the suit you will be protected while smashing things inside the room. You can enjoy playing a rage cage smash room game in Lancaster CA at Paintball USA. 

Video: Smash All The Electronics You Want At The Rage Cage - Gothamist

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The rage cage room consists of various assortment of weapons. You can use these weapons to break the things that are present inside the room. You can buy more things while you are in the room and break them. You are allowed to order the things only during your rage session. 

You will get to smash speakers, mouse, keyboards and phone mounts. You can also jam out to your favorite songs and tunes during your session. You are also allowed to take awesome photos and videos inside the rage cage room.

The main questions that arise while booking a rage cage room are:- who can participate? How old can participants be? Can a pregnant woman enjoy the game?

Here are your answers, children who are under 18 are permitted to go inside a rage cage smash room but they can only participate under the supervision of their parents or guardian. 

People who have any diagnosed behavioral problems also need to be accompanied by someone. They also have to have a physician's referral to play the game. This game can only be played at your own risk so be very aware while playing. 

If you are under the influence of drugs or you are pregnant then it is advised to not play this game. This game is not worth the risk of anyone’s life.

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