What Are The Different Types Of T-Shirts?

Shirts are articles of clothing worn by both men and women to cover the upper portion of their bodies. They can come in a variety of sizes, lengths and designs. But they generally have the same basic function and form. This should make it surprising to find that there are actually several types of them in distribution today.

And while most women shirts are more versatile in terms of style and pattern, it is the men’s shirt choices that differ immensely in structure. As most of you will discover while going through this article, distinctions usually point out the limitations of each t-shirts’ applicability. So without further ado, here are the shirt categories known today. You can also buy beautiful t-shirt tattoo designs online.

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Generally, they can be divided into two types: casual t-shirts and formal ones. Casual shirts come in a variety of designs and are usually worn for daily, non-formal occasions like parties or a trip to the mall.

Meanwhile formal shirts, as the name would suggest, are utilized in the complete opposite occasion. The latter is usually more tailored; typically long-sleeved, but is also available in the short-sleeved variety.

Casual t-shirts usually have no collars and buttons. Some versions even don’t have sleeves. But one can always expect them to have a round or v-shaped necklines, with some fancier designs sporting cowls or formed edges. They are simple in cut, with cotton as the primary material, perfect for summer use. They are identified for comfort and free movement and can be worn with jeans and shorts, depending on the person’s preference.

Another version of it would be pull-overs, which are long-sleeved shirts – still without collars or buttons. Like the former, they can be plain or patterned. And they are usually worn during the winter. And then, there’s sweatshirts and jerseys, which are looser and thicker versions of the traditional pull-overs.

They are made such so they can absorb sweat better. They can be worn all year-round, especially for exercise because of their functional uniqueness. But there may be a few uncomfortable factors about them that make them less ideal to use for a stroll about town when pitted against the casual t-shirt.

Bordering the casual demarcation is that of the polo shirt, which is worn by both genders. They are characteristically plain with short sleeves, although products now are more flexible when it comes to designs, patterns and colors, and have a collar as well as two to three buttons that open at the neck area.

They are dressier than casual t-shirts and may be acceptable to use during social functions, provided the requirements are not strict. They can be worn with shorts; however, they are best fitted with jeans. And they can also be worn throughout the year, although they are typically used during the summer, during golfing excursions and beach parties.

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