Top Creative Uses For Personalized Bookmarks

Personalized bookmarks are not just to mark your place in a book or magazine you are reading. But you don’t need to be a conscious reader to appreciate custom bookmarks, regardless of how or where you get them or don’t give them to others.

So we are giving you those creative bookmark ideas to use bookmarks in your business that you are hosting over the holidays, at any party, and in any way except to hide them in books. Personalized bookmarks are an easy and creative way to attach a tag to a gift. 

Whether it is a holiday or special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, or birthday party. Custom bookmarks are a great add-on to a gift certificate from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Children love bookmarks and so are college students who still use hard copy books and not iPods or Kindles. 

And since most students have more than one book, they need to mark a space for different classes, why not give them a pair of individual personal bookmarks, one for each class. Create personalized bookmarks with your group’s name and logo. 

The organization’s chapter number and tagline, or special quotes that have to do with that particular amount of money. If you give them a special bag with a free pen, such as an inscribed pen and a notepad, then add a laminated bookmark or two or anything else to the bag other than what you are offering.

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