Tips on traveling to other countries

Due to pandemic, there has been lots of travel restrictions around the world. It is now not easy to fly to another country, but some will really need to due to work or business. Here are some tips and guide when you are traveling to another countries.

  1. Always wear your face mask and do not remove them especially when you are in the public places.
  2. Always observe social distancing from other people of at least 2 meters apart. It is hard to do this when you are in a public transportation so I would recommend hiring a car a taxi that is exclusive to you or for your own use only. There are lots of companies offering the said service during these times.
  3. Always monitor your body’s temperature. When it gets above the normal, please consult the nearest physician.
  4. Make sure to isolate yourself from others if you are not feeling well.
  5. Be honest to yourself and to others to help the world to heal.

If you are traveling for business to other countries, and you want to avoid getting infected with the Covid-19 or the so-called coronavirus, you can rent a car so you will not get exposed to public places. You can use the car exclusively from your home to your work or business. There are lots of companies offering these services and make sure that they are sanitized every now and then.

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