Thumb Sucking – Treatment at Your Own Home

One of the most common habits among children under the age of two is thumb sucking, which is usually associated with the need to forage. This habit can be developed as a hobby for bored children, or more often as a means of managing nervous moments.

But sometimes children commit to suck their thumbs even when relaxing, listening to stories, or before bed. Remember that the thumb is not always clean and this means some health complications for the child and forceful sucking of the thumb can cause many dental problems.

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Let's take a look at some simple ways to stop thumb sucking so that it doesn't become a bad habit for a while.

1. Try to break the habit of thumb sucking when the permanent teeth of the child enter, usually around the age of 4 to 6 years.

2. As a parent, you must take the necessary measures, including qualified medical guidance, to prevent your child from developing thumb-sucking.

3. Talk to your child, explain the reasons and how to work together to end the habit, don't force them to quit as this will strengthen the habit. To motivate children, parents can reward progress, praise effort, and provide quality attention when the child is not thumbs up.

4. Never be disappointed or angry with your child when he sucks his thumb, because that kind of attitude makes his habit worse.

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