The Business Traveller – Tips For Motels In Santa Clara

For a business traveler, a Motel in Santa Clara can be a 'home away from home.' After exhausting hours on the road and in meetings, a motel gives a location where they can relax and unwind.

That's the reason it's important a Motel in Santa Clara provides the support and the tiny luxuries to create a business guests' stay comfortable and memorable. Always read the full info here before selecting motels in Santa Clara.

When reserving Motel lodging a discerning business traveler will Search for:

  • internet connection
  • workspace
  • clean, comfortable, and quiet rooms
  • a TV
  • breakfast facilities
  • central location
  • parking
  • corporate prices

Wireless internet connection is very important for the business. Internet access is also vital for Motels that have a convention and/or meeting rooms. Technology like video conferencing, interactive instruction, and online product demonstrations, all need business guests to access the high-speed net.

Printing facilities must also be given by a reception, as with facsimile, and where possible a projector. A little workspace is also crucial for the business traveler. Where possible a Motel in Santa Clara must offer a desk and chair, or a similar setup, to allow a business guest to use their notebook and spread out files as needed.

Motel reception needs to be organized and friendly, particularly when business travelers are tired. And do not forget to offer a great company rate to the business savvy guest, loyalty and that cards/vouchers are an excellent way to keep the company guests coming back.

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