Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson produces baby powder talcum powder solutions. For many years it promoted these products to customers as secure to use for female hygiene. 

However, women who used these talcum powder goods in their genital region have improved their danger for developing ovarian cancer. Girls who utilize talcum powder onto a routine frequently daily basis on diaphragms, sanitary napkins, or straight on the genital region are especially at risk. 

talcum powder lawyers

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Research conducted in may 2016 discovered that talc use raised the risk for ovarian cancer by 30-60 percent in nearly all research studies.

One  research printed in the british journal of gynecology in 1971 found that 75 percent of ovarian cancers that the researchers scrutinized contained talc particles. This was among those first investigations linked to the use of talcum powder to female hygiene.

More recent research analyzes the probability of prostate cancer according to the frequency and application of talcum powder. These studies also suggest a higher risk of ovarian cancer regarding the use of talcum powder in the genital region when compared with women who didn't use talcum powder.

Talcum Powder Lawsuits

If you or somebody you know utilized Johnson & Johnson's baby powder talcum powder merchandise and continues to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, contact lawyers who have experience litigating cases against big companies and can supply you with a free case evaluation and notify you of your legal rights and choices.

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