Swimming Pool Maintenance – Choosing Between Salt Water Or Chemicals

In North America, chlorine is by far the most popular method of disinfecting a swimming pool. However, it is not the only way. Saltwater pools, a long-time favorite in other parts of the world, are starting to gain popularity throughout North America.

Proponents of saltwater pools claim that since there is no chlorine in pool water, it feels soft or "silky", does not irritate the eyes or skin, is safe to swallow when swimming, and does not fade in the brightly colored bathing suits. There seem to be many good reasons to install a saltwater pool, but perhaps we should consider the discussion in a more balanced way. If you want to build the best water pool, you may visit https://www.custommojavepool.com/.

Common myths of saltwater pools

Saltwater pools contain large amounts of salt. First, here's an interesting fact: Saltwater pools don't really have saltwater, at least not saltwater like in the ocean. A properly maintained saltwater pool has salinity, but it is well below that of ocean water (somewhere between 10 and 20 percent), much closer to the salinity level of the water that has passed through a conditioner or water softener.

Saltwater pools do not contain chlorine: A saltwater pool is not a chlorine-free pool. In saltwater pools, when the water circulates through the pump and the filtering system it also passes through a chlorine generator. Inside the chlorine generator, an electronic process combines hydrogen molecules from the water (made up of hydrogen and oxygen) with chlorine from the salt (sodium and chlorine) to produce hypochlorous acid that is transported in the circulating water back to the pool.

This hypochlorous acid is what keeps the pool free of algae and bacteria. So actually the main difference between the two systems is that one needs to store chlorine and add it intermittently, while in the other the system constantly adds chlorine when the pool is running.


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