Quantifying The Human-Animal Bond

The relationship between humans and animals is as complex and diverse as the Earth herself. Animals have long shared a deep and meaningful bond with humankind from being a food source to serving as a trusted friend and Soul companion. You can also donate the money to best pet charities organization via https://face4pets.org/

The reasons for having an animal companion vary widely. Some people love animals for their unconditional love and treasure the companionship. Some need service animals such as Seeing Eye horses and therapy dogs. Some animals are actually in the job force such as canine cops and truffle seeking pigs.

While the reasons for having an animal companion vary, we all have one thing in common…a unique bond or attachment that we have for animals. This bond or attachment will determine how you treat and interact with your pets.

Below is a scale that will help you determine how you define and quantify the unique relationship you share with each of your pets. It will also allow you to understand other people's relationships and attitudes towards animals with more clarity and understanding.

Level 1 – Cruelty/Abuse

If you are reading this article you most definitely are not a level 1. People at this level have no respect for animal life. Animal torture, abuse or abandonment is a common practice. Animals are regarded as lowly beings to be tolerated and used.

Level 2 – Ambivalence

Level 2 is characterized by people who have a pet but could care less about it. Perhaps their child desperately wanted a dog so they succumbed. Basic care is given but neglect is common and health issues are probably not addressed. The animal will often be left to its own devices and will likely suffer from a variety of behavioral, emotional and physical issues.

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