Providing Good User Experience With UX Services in Brisbane

The new Google search algorithm weighs the usability of a site. It calls for a better user experience in terms of the site's content, architecture, design, templates, layout, etc. So you need to design your site and create content with the users in mind.

Some good measures of user experience include the number of page visitors and the time they spent on the page during their visit. These measures indicate the usability of a page based on the average number of visitors and the average time they spent on it. Using these measures, you can also determine the sources of traffic that directed the highest quality of visitors. You can also hire the best user experience agency in Brisbane.

Image source: Google

With regard to onsite factors of good user experience, here are the elements of a good site.

1. Clickable Logo

It would be better if your site has a clickable logo. The link should direct users back to your homepage. Your logo represents what kind of business you are into while your homepage presents and elaborates your business, products, or services.

2. User-Friendly Site Navigation

A good navigation bar is commonly positioned at the top of a page, below the logo. This is the position most conspicuous to visitors. They can easily see the links as they go from one page of your site to another. In addition, your site could guide visitors better if the current page in the menu is highlighted or styled differently. Avoid creating an all-Flash site as it tends to mar user experience.

3. Search Bar

Search bar enhances user experience. Users can easily find specific information available on your site through the search bar. As well, your site should have categories of content or a tag cloud to facilitate searching.

4. Quality Content

The new Google policy requires us to post quality content on our sites. Quality content adds value to the visitors' experience. e.

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