Parachute line apps – a great survival tool

Parachute rope can be purchased from most army surplus stores and has a variety of uses. Here are some ideas on how to use them. I recommend going to the Army Surplus Store and making sure you get the original Army-issued parachute cable and not the slap you can find at any hardware store or major retailer. 

550 The rope of the parachute is much stronger than the blow mark and has very small fibers in the outer shell. These tiny fibers can be extracted and used for many things. The outer sheath can also be used without the inner fiber for jobs requiring less strength than the entire cable. If you want to buy paracord and parachute survival tools then you may visit this link .

You'd be surprised how long it took the cable to properly wrap around the handle of your knife.

  • Draw a bowstring for a survival bow.
  • Use the inner string to attach the arrowhead to the arrow.
  • Use internal cables to make fishing rods.
  • Draw a loop. You can use the inner fibers to make circles for smaller animals and birds.
  • Use the inner fibers of your chute rope to knit a small net to catch miners and minnows.

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