Know More About Hand Rolled Cigars

Hand rolled cigar is a complicated and delicate process, with plenty of room for variation in flavor. You know the final product – and learn what makes them so good.

Hand rolled cigar making process starts with the growing tobacco. Even at this early stage, several factors can lead to the dramatic range of variations found in snuff. The leaves must be dried and fermented before they can be used. If you are looking for more information about hand rolled cigars click here now .

handrolled cigars

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The process usually occurs where the leaves are dried in the air. Now the leaves get to relax – sometimes up to two years or more. As the leaves are oxidized and lose their green color, the compounds develop in the snuff that lends new subtle flavors and adds smoothness to the finished product.

When ready to be rolled, deveined leaves are then separated by type and strength. Then they are mixed by expertise in groups to create the exact proportions to be used in each cigar. The process is a delicate art: the same way a brewer carefully chooses its malt and hops types that tobacco use is a very important option for cigar manufacturers.

Organized leaves are given onto a roll, along with instructions on the amount of each sheet to use. Each cigar is handmade, either by one person or a small team. 

It starts with a core layer of high quality sheets that drive flavor, along with a dense layer of filling. Then comes the binder that holds the bulk snuff. Finally, everything is wrapped in and tasty outer leaves presentable for the wrapper.

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