Introduction To Crowdestor Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdestor is a crowdfunding platform that focuses on businesses. They started their first job in February 2018, and since then a myriad of the project has been financed on this particular Platform.

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On this platform, you are able to invest in a high-yielding company, transportation, property, and startup businesses. Crowdestor has increased over $30,000,000 with the support of its 13,500 investors. With the minimal investment of $50, you can start your journey with crowdestor.

what is peer to peer lending

How Crowdestor function?

Crowdestor allows investors to lend cash to project owners.

The project owners available in the platform gain from this, since they could get financing for their own projects. This provides them a much better chance to direct their jobs to actual life.

As an investor, you can in return attain a fairly solid investment yield from this.

Crowdestor Buyback Guarantee Fund

In 2019, Crowdestor introduced a new program known as ‘Buyback Guarantee Finance’. This fund was created so as to safeguard investors from the possible default of the debtors.

Since March of 2019, Crowdestor has committed a commission of 1-2 percent to the fund out of all of the projects financed on the stage. In the situation a debtor defaults, investors will be repaid using an estimated number of the gifts to the specific project.

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