Information About The Plumbing Profession

A plumber is a person who specializes in the installation and maintenance of potable water, drainage, and sewage systems. It is a skilled trade that includes working with pipes, plumbing fixtures, and tubing.

Some of the main appliances worked by plumbers include water heaters, humidifiers, toilets, ice machines, utility and kitchen sinks, drinking fountains, urinals, bidets, water fountains, bathtubs, and showers.

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Information About The Plumbing Profession

Part of the job includes drawing and blueprints to determine the layout of water supply systems, as well as systems for venting and waste. Another major part of plumbing is the installation, repair, and maintenance of domestic, industrial, and commercial plumbing systems.

The plumber must be able to test the pipe for leaks and be knowledgeable of pipe connections, fixtures in walls and floors, and passage holes. Measuring, bending, cutting, and spreading pipes with electrical equipment, machines, and other hand tools are required.

There are many different categories of plumbing systems and sub-systems. These include traps, drains and vents, septic systems, potable cold, and hot water supplies, fuel gas piping and rainwater, surface, and sub-water exhausts.

Many different types of equipment are used in the pipeline industry, some of which are water meters, expansion tanks, pumps, filters, water softeners, backflow preventers, wrench, water heaters, gauges, control systems, and heat exchangers.

Due to many technological developments in recent years, there is much more advanced equipment that helps the plumber fix problems. One such device is a special type of video camera that can be used to observe hidden leaks and problems.

Other equipment now available to plumbers includes hydro jets and high-pressure hydraulic pumps connected by steel cables that aid sewer line replacement.

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