How Pet Businesses Can Capitalize on Warm Fuzzies – Donate to Animal Charities

In my series on marketing in the pet business, I've discussed important trends that make this niche so profitable. Now, I'd like to suggest one more way you can capitalize on pet craze: give more to get more.

If you donate a portion of your profits to an animal rescue group or wildlife conservation organization-people will feel they're giving vicariously by supporting your business. If you want to get information on an emergency pet fund, then you can click here.

We love to give to a good cause. And people who love animals-and have money to spend on them-also love to give to organizations that support animals. So now you can accomplish three things at once: indulge your passion for animals, make a tidy profit, and support a good cause.

Consider these trends:

The names and logos of charitable organizations are appearing more frequently in advertisements and packaging for a variety of products and services.

According to some people, "e-Giving, the method of linking online businesses that donate money, charity-minded consumers, and nonprofit organizations, is a relatively recent concept. Customers enjoy the benefits of online retail shopping. Your charity benefits from receiving unrestricted funds. And businesses benefit from increased sales and brand recognition."

To be sure you're cashing in on your own generosity, make sure everyone knows you're sharing your profits with charities. Ideas:

Devote a page on your website to the charity of your choice.

Create an autoresponder series around the charity.

Submit press releases about the charity, with links sending traffic back to your site.

Syndicate articles online about the charity, again with links to you.

In your mail promotions, include a lift note about your relationship with the charity.


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