How Does The Search Engine Work?

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If you are doing well but don't know how the Google search engine does its job, you are doing an incomplete job and the fact is that if you are working without that knowledge, you will not have enough knowledge of search engine SEO. 

With the help of this article, we will provide you with an overview of search engine jobs and we hope that you will find it interesting to do your job with pleasure.

Crawling and indexing of websites

Because SEO professionals know that indexing and crawling are important techniques that websites use in their work to provide high-quality results to their users. In order to link all types of pages together, search engines use a specific or certain type of link structure. 

With the help of these links, this engine finds the pages and decrypts these pages once they are received. After this process, the code is stored on a large hard drive. This big data will be used in the future when it is needed for search queries. 

Search engines have data centers all over the world and can store a lot of data for these places. There will be thousands of machines to store it and Search engines answer these engine questions.

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