Elearning: Hype Or Hip?

Many times potential customers have asked me whether eLearning just a fad. This is a very good question that warrants some discussion. My experience with eLearning and more specifically with custom eLearning content development has been a very positive one.

It is important to determine what your needs are as a customer and what the role of vendor selection will play in your ultimate success or failure. You can also discover more about eLearning through various online sources.

It is important to analyze the needs to develop successful eLearning materials such as customized and interactive eLearning courses, multimedia reference materials, or analytical technical toolkit.

Unfortunately, many customers do not take the time to think about what they need and what their goals are. Also, they often choose eLearning developers who ignore this step or perform high-level requirements cursory analysis focusing mainly on the sale of the bells and whistles to customers, rather than focusing on the customer's business needs and limitations.

It is important to note that eLearning does have its limitations, mainly driven by the fact that not all customers are the same when it comes to technology. This limitation is an important consideration when you consider e-learning as a training method.

Initial needs assessments should identify the objectives of the eLearning program, of course, materials and who will use it. How will they access the material? What will their technology use? Does it make sense to include elements such as bandwidth-intensive video interactive and audio?

Unfortunately, some eLearning content developers ignore these considerations. This then leads to failure which is placed at the eLearning and not at the actual eLearning vendors and customers.

The development of an eLearning project should be done by building a relationship with an eLearning vendor who has extensive experience in the industry.

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