Choosing A Business Name That Works In Indonesia

Choosing a trading name is an essential step in building a new trade. It is best to choose a name which is easy to learn, yet clear of what you do.

Let's say you are driving down the freeway in a city that is new to you. To know about indonesia company registry search by emerhub company registry you can search the websites online.

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You notice a business with their name "Company" splashed in bold print on their building. Could you tell me what line of business the company is in?

Of course not. Naming your business after yourself may be good for your ego, but it is a poor business name. It would be better to include your main business activity or product in your business name, such as "Company". While not necessarily a great name, at least you would have an idea what a company does that bears that name.

If you are thinking about having a company website, and you should, then most likely you would want your company name to be the domain name of your website. It is very important that your domain name includes one or more words that will tell the search engines what is the theme of your website.

Therefore "" would be a better domain name because the word company name is in the domain name. You want the search engines to know your website is about the company name.

Some people like a catchy business name. If you can create one that meets my criteria above that's great. A catchy business name may be easier to remember.

Your business name should not infringe on another company's name or trademark. Checking the Trademark Office will tell you if it violates any trademark in the nation.

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