Bringing the Preschool Classroom Outside!

What is Preschool Outdoor Activities Interest Center?

Every center of your interest will be amazing inside your classroom as well as outside! Explore more details about preschool book through

Bringing the Preschool Classroom Outside!

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We hear a lot about bringing in the outdoors; however, getting in and out is even more fun! When preschools plan outdoor activities, we usually think of bringing gross motor games and activities from outside such as parachutes, balls, bubbles, etc. and they are great outdoor activities!

What we are suggesting here is more of an outdoor class, if you will! Sure, we want kids to run and burn energy, use their big motor skills and have a great place to do it outside! We guarantee they will still do this, even outside of indoor interest centers!

What do children learn using out-of-home interest centers?

They will help the children in the same way they do inside. Outside will add opportunities to join a different environment.

Material for sand and water table

Adding material to your preschool outdoor activities is limited only by your imagination! Here are some ideas to get you started with the "outside class" idea!


Supply an easel or you may use clothespins to fasten paper into a chain-link fence.

Water Perform

Bring a water table out for your sensory pleasure. It is possible to use the very same materials you'd inside–shaving cream, etc. Consider adding bubbles into the table.

Spectacular Play

You do not need to have a complete out kitchen space or fancy dress upward channel! Simply bring out a few of the props to your motif; the children are going to compose the rest! Cooking will occur on a stone they pretend is a cooker. They'll run around turning stones (or buddies!) Into frogs having a magic wand!


Yes, bring out many different blocks. This will expand their outside construction in lots of ways!


Outdoor is a science center in and of itself! You could offer a bin for the kids to put items they find outdoors. Bring these back indoors to research further within your classroom.

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