Best Drone camera Settings for an Awesome Video Footage

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The drone’s camera settings are going to play a major role in giving you the footage you need. If you play with the settings correctly, then not only the footage but also the entire project is going to be great. A great film location isn’t going to do justice if you don’t know about the camera setting. Therefore, these are some of the best settings that will you great footage from your drone.

  1. Set up the Picture Profile – Setting up of picture profile is probably the first thing to do in order to get the best contrast and color information. Shooting in a flat picture profile is considered to be ideal for many as it allows you to capture the majority of light and dark details.
  2. Set up the White Balance –Changing the white balance plays mainly on the location along with the object you are going to shoot. A great tip is to keep the white balance on either cloudy or sunny for the best possible outcome. Another tip would be to avoid ‘Auto’ white balance because it would be difficult to make changes during editing.
  3. Set up the ISO – The ISO plays a role in brightening or darkening the image depending on the lighting condition of the location. A great tip is to leave the ISO on the lowest setting and change the exposure via shutter speed.
  4. Set up Shutter Speed – you shouldn’t confuse shutter speed with the frame rate. Shutter speed is all about capturing an individual frame as fast as possible. Play with the settings should you give a better result.

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